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Stephen Brescia and Rafaela Morillas helped my wife and me purchase our last home. This last one was the fifth home I have purchased throughout my life. so I have good, bad, and just plain ugly experiences. They went out of their way to make our home buying experience go quite smoothly, and we would certainly go to them again to sell or purchase another home. They listened to our needs and took us to homes that fit our criteria. They also took us to homes we "wanted to see", but were not always the best fit. Stephen and Rafaela worked hard to decipher all of our wants and needs to help us find the overall right home for us. It took us some time to find just the right home.They made themselves available to us in a myriad of ways. Meeting for coffee, coming by our house, and never 'putting us out' as many realtors in the past have done. A Realtor should work for YOU, the client ! Stephen and Rafaela understand this and do it well. When the deal began to come together, Stephen and Rafaela were always very communicative with us. Buying or Selling a home can be one of the most stressful things a person will do in life and there's nothing more frustrating than an unresponsive Realtor during the close of a deal. They made sure we were in the know on what was happening at each step of the close of the deal, and I never had to do any "tracking down" of Stephen or Rafaela. We had a very positive home buying experience with them and their services come with our highest recommendation.

Daveand Catherine Hagan;  dchagan62@yahoo.com   2012





My reason for choosing to work with Stephen Brescia was that I already knew him in a professional setting and knew of his exceptional reputation. Stephen had retired as Dean of students and teacher from the school where I currently teach and when I heard he found a new career in Real Estate, I made sure to secure him as my agent. I had already tried a couple agents , and i didn't feel like they had time for me. When I began working with Stephen, I knew he would be the agent that would find me my home. He was always courteous, timely, and professional. Overall, Stephen far exceeded my expectations. He found me the perfect house that I am thrilled to be living in two years later. He respected my budget and never asked me about my private financial information. He put in countless hours in searching for a house that fit my parameters and then spent the necessary time to show me his results. When we were going to meet at a property, Stephen would always arrive early, and preview it before I arrived. This allowed him to talk to me about the house as I did my walk through. The thing that most impressed me about Stephen is that he found me the perfect house even though I was extremely picky. He was always positive and never gave up the search, even when I was doubtful. He knew the right house was out there for me, and ultimately, he found it. When recommending Stephen to friends, I tell them that he will work very hard for you. he will will always follow up with any questions you have, and that he will give you his individual attention and care. 

John Fitzgerald ;  jfitz@hotmail.com  2012




Stephen is not only an incredible agent, but he is also an incredible person. I would recommend him for any of your real estate needs. He is the best.

Monica Leslie;  monlambelet@catlover.com.  2012



Stephen and Rafaela are indeed 'The Right Team'.

They both understood completely what I was looking for and just about how much I could afford. They found a house for me within 2 days. Maybe it was just luck, or it was two people that listened to their client. Everything was completely explained to me, what I was signing and why. No matter how insignificant my questions seemed to be, they were treated with great respect and anything I wanted to know or understand, was explained. Stephen was always willing to take me to the house to measure something or talk about it. They both cared that I was completely satisfied and everything in the house was perfect. Stephen even bought some paint and painted two base boards on the sun porch that were missed. I would tell any of my friends that if they want a real estate agent that really cares about them, then call Stephen and Rafaela, "The Right Team"

Barbara Londerville;  londys1@sbcglobal.net   2013



Peace of Mind.

I want to thank Stephen and Rafaela for the wonderful support you have given Michael and his sister Deedee in selling their Mother's home. With me unable to be down there for them, it gives me peace knowing there are people who are so caring, surrounding them and giving them the assistance they need. Thank You so much.

Ron Bannister;  ronaldb@comcast.net    2014




Stephen and Rafaela are the BEST !  I found him through one of the listing websites and contacted them. At the same time, I contacted several other agents- none came close to The Right Team. I am so lucky. They totally take care of you!! He found me a beautiful place, and it was totally within my budget. The property appraised for $25,000 more than I paid for it. Stephen spent the time to explain every step of the transaction. I was totally comfortable, and he made the process painless. I was looking for a place in Santa Rosa while living in San Francisco. He sent listings everyday to help educate me on the market. I made two trips to Santa Rosa before I made an offer. Every trip they would have about 6 properties for me to view--very efficient. It took only 3 weeks from the time I made the offer until I signed the escrow and loan paperwork. This included him recommending a lender. I am extremely (super) happy with them. I could not have asked for better agents. Not only is Stephen a gentleman, but his wife and partner was so charming and nice! I am honored to be their client, and I recommend them to anyone who is looking for Real Estate agents in Sonoma or Marin Counties. They are the BEST. 

Miki Heitzman;   mikih@pacbell.net  2013




They are the Best !!

Stephen quietly opened the door to what would be our new home as he managed its Open House. We asked him to show us some other houses as well, he quickly responded with several, but we loved the house where we met Stephen. With his help filling in the gaps in our real estate knowledge, we created the right offer, which was accepted within hours the day it was presented. When the deal looked as though it would fall through, he used his resources to get it back on track. Because my fiance and I both owned homes that we needed to sell, it was natural to have him list them. One house  sold in three days , the other in a month. Stephen was creative and diligent in his approaches and also partnered well us during the process. We now consider him our friend as well as our real estate agent. 

Rick Belding;  rickbelding@stanfordalumni.org   2013



Stephen took the time to understand what I wanted in a home. He then continued his process helping me narrow down what I really wanted, and what I really could afford. He was professional in his follow up, and he was a pleasure to work with.

Dustin Deason;    dustin_deason@yahoo.com 2014



The Right Team 4 U


We found the Right Team late last fall. when our mother past away , and we needed to sell her home in Rincon Valley. Stephen and Rafaela went to work right away to market and sell the home. They had it sold before it hit the mls for $100,000 more than we expected to receive. 

After the sale, we decided to invest the money in a home in Oakmont, as we plan to move into that home in a few years. They are just as savvy and experienced in the purchase of a home as they were in selling a home. Because this was going to be our home we were a little more picky. It took almost 3 months to find just the right home , in a very tight market. We made several offers and their negotiation skills were amazing.

If you are looking for realtors who really care about their clients and have THE RIGHT STUFF to land you the perfect house or sell your current home, then we say look no further than The RIGHT Team and have Stephen and Rafaela go to work for you. 

Michael O'Brien      michaelpdx6607@msn.com    2014 - 2015

Ron Bannister        ronaldb2207@comcast.net      2014 - 2015





We met Stephen at an OPEN HOUSE. He was very friendly and answered all of our questions. From then on we had a wonderful relationship with him. He became our Realtor. We told him what we were looking, and he always came through with the perfect houses ! He would put together a perfect lineup for a Saturday or Sunday, and he brought us to all the homes. Never feeling rushed, he always made us feel right at home as we preview the list he had prepared for the day. Stephen is a great Realtor and has become a friend through the house hunting process. I highly recommend Stephen. Just tell him what you are looking for in a home , and he WILL find it. 

Rick and Lisa;      kissmybass8@sbcglobal.net; 2015


The Best in The West!!!
Stephen and Rafaela are as good as it gets and we say that with confidence! They have tons of experience and are more than qualified to help you find the home you’re looking for. They are very knowledgeable, helpful, super responsive, caring and reliable. They’ve been extremely dedicated from the beginning, which made our experience as first time homebuyers awesome. We learned so much about the buying process and everything involved in it. After our first outing to look at homes, we were confident we had made the right choice in agents. They already had a good understanding of what we were looking for, and didn't show us anything that didn't meet our criteria. All the homes we visited had great potential on being the one, and that’s because Stephen and Rafaela took the time to listen. They worked side by side with our mortgage consultant and maintained constant communication throughout the process. We always knew what was going on and never had to call asking for updates.
Rafaela and Stephen are wonderful people and we were glad to have them as our agents, and you will be too!
Juliana & Jonathan Maltez     julianab.maltez@wellsfargo.com;  2015